American Association of Woodturners
"Turned for Use" Show 1997
Pinon Pine Bowl


Large Pinon Vessel

I do woodturnings, with a specialty of pinon pine. Pinon is quite unlike most other pines, being very slow-growing, with a 20" diameter tree being about 200 years old.

For about 3 years I did crafts shows and galleries... until it got to be too much like work (at the time, I had another full-time job dealing with computer systems). Woodturning was supposed to be fun, eh? Other things (such as a family) were more important. I switched back to 'recreational' turning and started to have fun again!

Then a couple years later, I was approached about teaching at Santa Fe Community College. For a number of years, I taught beginning and advanced woodturning and found it extremely rewarding. Even better than making a nice piece of your own is helping someone else develop the ability to do theirs.

At the present, I'm back to recreational turning......



Resume below....

American Association of Woodturners
"Turned for Use" Show 1997
Arizona Cypress Bowl


"Mother, Daughter"

Box Elder
Turquoise Trail Preservation Trust benefit auction, 2005

Pinon Bowl


Juniper "Field Cedar" Bowl
Russian Olive
Square-edge bowl
Santa Fe Community College 1995 Woodworkers' Exhibition, Merit Award

American Association of Woodturners "Turned for Use" Exhibition 1997

College Hill Arts Festival patron's purchase award (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) 1996

NM State Fair 3 Firsts & Best of Show 1997

Selected to show in the Southwest Arts Festival 1997

Wrote article for American Woodturner magazine on pinon pine bowls

Artisans of the New Forest Exhibit, 2001

Woodturning instructor, Santa Fe Community
College, 2001 to2007

Previous teaching experience includes woodturning demonstrations with the New Mexico Woodturners and at the Albuquerque Museum.